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Lesson Study Events

Here you will find events organised to:

  • promote lesson study in Malta; and

  • disseminate related research carried out.

The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) Conference

(See www.wals2019.com for more details about this annual conference)


Presentation Title:

Teachers’ Interactions: Knowledge Sharing and Development through Lesson Study


This paper focuses on the development of a teacher learning community around a mathematics lesson study.

A qualitative case study methodology is adopted to examine teacher interactions during their lesson study meetings and to investigate the knowledge shared and developed over time. This understanding is gathered through three data sources: video recordings, observational field notes and a teacher online forum. To examine interactions and how these shape teachers’ lesson study goals, analysis of data draws on talk-in-interaction. Talk-in-interaction provides an analytical lens to look into teachers’ social actions as shaped by the lesson study context. This research suggests that teachers construct a sense of the ongoing lesson study process through interactions. Interactions support teachers to negotiate a role for participating and, as a result, to develop their knowledge. Moreover, there are indications that interactions develop teachers’ actions, their roles and identities as teachers of mathematics.


James Calleja, Michelle Attard Tonna & Michael Buhagiar


September 2019


tikka MATEMATIKA Seminar


Session Title:

Lesson Study at St Clare Secondary School, Pembroke


tikka MATEMATIKA is an annual seminar organised by the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes in collaboration with the Institute for Education. This two-day seminar is targeted for teachers of Mathematics and aims to disseminate examples of sound pedagogical practices in teaching mathematics.

During their presentation, teachers Naomi Attard Borg and Sarah Wertz presented their lesson study conducted with four Year 7 classes. This lesson, involving the collaborative engagement of a number of teachers, focused on the geometry of triangles.


February 2018


Celebration Event for Educators in Malta


Session Title:

Promoting Teacher Professional Learning


Introducing lesson study and mentoring carried out in schools as continuing professional development models for in-service teachers. This half-day seminar included workshops for teachers, heads of department, senior leadership members, academic members from the Faculty of Education, and education officers and directors from the Ministry for Education and Employment.


July 2017

Meeting with members of the Faculty of Education

Session Title:

Teachers Learning Together


This two-hour session was intended to introduce lesson study, as a continuing professional development model for teachers, to academic members of staff and to discuss possibilities of supporting teacher learning in schools.


March 2017